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Read on to find out how to cure delayed ejaculation!

Just imagine the personal satisfaction and intense sexual pleasure of being able to ejaculate “on demand” during sex! (Not to mention the relief…)

I’m happy to tell you the treatment program available here will show you how to do just that…. even if you’ve never ejaculated during intercourse before!

Yes – YOU can easily, quickly, stop this common problem at home, with the right approach. And that’s what we have here…

A Complete Solution For Men Who Have Difficulty Ejaculating

delayed-ejaculation-113Delayed ejaculation (sometimes called DE for short) is almost as common as erectile dysfunction… in fact, it’s the third most common male sexual problem.

And, right now, millions of men share this problem with you. But – as you may know – seeking help can be quite difficult. After all, it’s not something most men feel comfortable talking about.

There are many reasons for that, such as embarrassment and shame, or maybe not even wanting to think about the problem.

And that’s why, here and now, we’re only concerned with the solution. 

A solution that’s going to help you ejaculate normally during sex once again. Quickly, easily and simply.

As a sex therapist, I’ve seen the distress caused by delayed ejaculation many times. Emotional issues like frustration, bitterness, resentment, lack of communication, and very real physical problems of soreness, tiredness and discomfort.

So no wonder you’re looking for something that will help.

The good news is you’ve found a complete cure, something that you can use at home in privacy…. something that works… something that will end your difficulty ejaculating once and for all.

In fact, you’ve found the route to normal sex, to easy orgasms, to sexual pleasure like you never knew before (except perhaps during self-pleasuring….)

Now, you can discover how to enjoy sexual pleasure, including easy orgasms and ejaculation, with a partner.Yes, really!

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Acknowledgement:  This treatment approach is based on the work of internationally renowned sex therapist Michael A Perelman, PhD, and others who have elaborated meaningfully on his original concepts. (You can see a selection of his research work and publications listed at the bottom of this page.)

Around one man in twelve has this condition, and even though it can be treated, very few of them seek help

So, if you think sex with yourself just happens to be the best way — and maybe the only way —  to get off, you’re about to see a revolutionary change, one that gives you new ways to enjoy intense sexual pleasure. And it isn’t going to cause you any struggle!

And if you already enjoy sex with a partner, but find orgasm and ejaculation difficult to achieve, this program will certainly change everything for the better.

I know you may have heard a lot about stopping delayed ejaculation. I know you want to see an end to this problem. After all, you’re here, reading this – right?

I also know that sexual problems like delayed ejaculation can produce a lot of negative emotions. And looking for a solution might not seem so easy.

But rest assured, you can overcome DE, and what it does to you, and of course, what it does to your partner and your relationship.

Forget the idiots who say “Wow! I wish I could go on for so long!”

(Not that you’re likely to tell anyone about your difficulty ejaculating.) Like you, most men with difficulties ejaculating passionately wish they could ejaculate inside of a few minutes and get it all over with. So to speak.

love life monitor
While some men think a long time before ejaculation must feel great, men who have difficulty ejaculating know it isn’t like that. Long delays can spoil sex completely.

In short, it’s no wonder men avoid talking about the problem – even to their sexual partner.

However, the truth is that DE can have a negative impact on your relationship – leaving you feeling ashamed, angry, resentful, feeling like a failure, feeling like you have to try harder and harder during sex to please your partner, and all the rest.

That’s why dealing with it quickly and effectively will do you and your relationship a lot of good.

Particularly if you and your partner want to get pregnant….

Discover Simple and Effective Treatments To Overcome Ejaculation Delays 

To know how to fix something, it’s best to know how it works.

So in the member’s area of my website devoted to the treatment and cure of this problem, I explain exactly what causes delayed ejaculation, whether you have difficulty ejaculating during sex or masturbation or both.

I also explain in detail the different approaches to treatment, and I provide all the information necessary for you to put an end to the problem.

In addition I show you how to reach orgasm and ejaculate during sex, any time, whenever you wish, with or without a partner.

And because delayed ejaculation can have such an effect on your relationship, I’ll make it a priority to show you how to bring to an end all the emotional problems and difficulties a retarded sexual response can cause.

My site is unique. It’s the only place on the world wide web where you can discover all about the causes of this particular male problem and get a reliable, trusted treatment program for use at home.

In fact, it’s the only place where you can get practical, problem-solving information tailored specifically to the needs of men who have ejaculation problems or who don’t reach orgasm easily.

You can access my website devoted to the treatment and cure of delayed ejaculation for only $49.95, which is a once only charge giving you unlimited access for one year, right now, BY CLICKING HERE.

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Normal Ejaculation Is Easy To Achieve! 

My name is Rod Phillips and I’m a men’s sexual counselor. I know how hard it is to talk about such personal matters to a doctor, and I understand how much easier it is to get information from the internet. That’s why I wrote this program.

It’s a program based on my work with men who have difficulty ejaculating over a period of 14 years.

Over that time I’ve met hundreds men with this problem, and I’ve come to understand the need for a self-help system that makes it easy to ejaculate during sex.

A system that empowers men, that gives them the ability to ejaculate on demand during intercourse, so they don’t have to struggle on and on, exerting massive effort to please their partners and get satisfaction themselves.

One of the things that I’ve learned from men I’ve worked with is that it’s possible to become fully orgasmic in a surprisingly short space of time – often two months, or less.

Just imagine the relief you’ll feel when you find it’s possible to ejaculate within a few minutes of intercourse beginning, instead of having to struggle on thrusting away for an hour or even longer – and perhaps not being able to ejaculate at all.

I often hear men with delayed ejaculation talk about their sexual performance in very negative ways.

Often they have a lot of negative “self talk” about how they make love, and about how they feel around intercourse and lovemaking. (They don’t enjoy it. But you know that, I guess.)

All of this can be transformed when sex is normal, pleasurable, and satisfying.

That’s what tends to happen when you discover that you have the ability to ejaculate within 10 to 15 minutes of lovemaking beginning, without having to struggle hard to achieve orgasm.

That’s when it all comes naturally!

 Sex Really Can Be Fun Again! 

Couple with delayed ejaculation
Yes, sex really can be fun again!

There’s absolutely no reason why you should live with feelings of sexual inadequacy or failure, and there’s no reason why you should feel bad about yourself.

After all, it’s not your fault that you have delayed ejaculation!

In essence, if you have an unusual delay before you come, something must have gone wrong at some point in your past sexual experience.

The good news is that it’s easy to put this problem right….. to put yourself back on track, to achieve a sense of powerful masculinity, and rest in the knowledge that you’re actually a good lover.

Equally, I’ve heard a lot from men’s partners about how they feel unattractive or frustrated because they assume their man is not turned on by them.

How they get sore during intercourse, and how they find it difficult to talk to their partners about the problem.

Well, that’s about to change!

My experience shows that normal ejaculation is something you can achieve easily and quickly.

All that’s needed is the right approach. With the right approach, normal ejaculation is well within your grasp.

So before we talk about the treatment program, just imagine for a few moments what it might be like if you could reach orgasm and ejaculate on demand during sex.

Imagine what it would be like to choose when you come during intercourse.

But the fact is, regardless of how difficult you find sex at the moment, my treatment program will show you the techniques you need to enjoy sex normally, to feel the peak of pleasure that comes when you climax normally during sexual intercourse.

And Just What Is Normal Intercourse?

It may be a chore but it may be fun - as to how long it lasts, well that is probably best decided by you and your partner!
It may be a chore or it may be fun – as to how long it lasts, well, that is probably best decided by you and your partner!

What is “normal” when it comes to making love depends on who you talk to! But one thing we can all agree on is that the best sex is sex without a struggle to ejaculate.

The best sex is sex that takes you and your partner to a peak of orgasmic pleasure whenever you want.

The best sex is sex that you look forward to. Above all, sex that you can enjoy.

But Why Would A Man Have Trouble Ejaculating?

One reason why you can’t reach orgasm and ejaculate easily is that your body is not sensitive enough to the sexual stimulation it’s receiving.

In other words, you’re not responding to sexual activities with sexual arousal.

Or, more accurately, you’re not responding with enough arousal to reach the point of no return (that’s the point of arousal where you ejaculate without any choice in the matter – when your ejaculation reflex takes over).

You may not know what this feels like at the moment! Maybe you don’t even have an ejaculation reflex.

And even if you look like you’re aroused, with a hard, long lasting erection, you may simply not be very aroused…. in fact, you may not be anywhere near the point of no return….

You see, the reason men struggle to reach the point of no return is that for some reason their bodies are not sensitive enough to sexual stimulation, or they aren’t getting enough sexual stimulation.

The fantastic news is that both these things can be changed.

Often men don’t respond to sexual stimulation during lovemaking because they’ve used a hard masturbation technique.

Hard and fast self-pleasuring technique
Hard and fast masturbation techniques may well cause a man difficulty in reaching the point of ejaculation when he makes love. You see, a vagina is a lot softer than the vigorous stimulation of a hand.

Hard and rapid movements, or thrusting against the mattress, may have desensitized their nervous system to the kind of stimulation the penis gets during intercourse (a lot less friction and a lot less stimulation, leaving you a lot less likely to ejaculate).

The exciting thing is that this is easily reversible. You can become very sensitive to physical stimulation in a short space of time.

And you can also lower your ejaculatory threshold, so reducing the amount of stimulation you need to get to the point of no return. That’s not difficult either.

When you put these two strategies together you’re well on your way to ending delayed ejaculation for ever.

How Sex Might Be… Without Delays 

There are some simple, straightforward techniques you can use to overcome the problem. These will allow you to enjoy normal sex, and give you the power to choose when you ejaculate.

That’s the most masculine and exciting experience of all. Complete sexual self-control. When you have the choice to abandon yourself to pleasure or to take your partner to pleasure, as you wish.

Foreplay becomes appealing and attractive, not a chore. You find it easy to arouse your partner with subtle caresses. You find yourself responding much more intensely to the stimulation you receive. You feel your arousal increasing, and the desire to have intercourse takes you inevitably to the moment of penetration.

And then you enjoy moving inside your partner, hearing her cries of pleasure, feeling more and more more aroused as you easily take her through higher and higher levels of sexual pleasure.

This is what it’s all about – wanting to take your pleasure as you come inside her – and pleasing her as you do….

At some point you know it’s time to ejaculate, and just by choosing to release, moving harder and faster, you have the power to tip yourself over the edge into the wonderful feeling of your own orgasm and your simultaneous ejaculation.

Goodbye delayed ejaculation – for ever! 

And the point is this: sex is enjoyable, worthwhile, loving, fulfilling, satisfying, in fact something you look forward to…. each and every time you get into bed (or anywhere else)!

When you have that level of sexual “ease” it’s possible to write many variations on a theme. Sometimes you might just want to enjoy an orgasm by masturbation, or pleasure your partner with oral sex, or receive the same kind of pleasure yourself.

But whatever you choose to do, just imagine how exciting and rewarding it will be when you know that your orgasm and ejaculation arrive within a minute or two or three… what a fantastic feeling that will be!

If you want to access the treatment program right now, click here. The cost is $49.95 (a one time charge) for 12 months’ access, with a money back guarantee. 

Or you can read on for more information.

Video – Delayed Ejaculation Solutions

 Help Really Is At Hand! 

And the thing is, it’s not hard for you to achieve this level of sexual ability, of sexual liberation.

When you beat your difficulties with ejaculation, you’ll experience sex as one of the highest human pleasures, instead of it being a chore – something you do because “you have to”.

You can relax into the prospect of sexual pleasure, fully allowing the experience to flow over and through you, delighting in the sexual union with your sexual partner.

So struggling to ejaculate can become a thing of the past. Fighting hard to reach orgasm, whether that’s with one partner or every partner, will soon be just a distant memory.

I know some of this might seem hard to believe if you’re having difficulty ejaculating right now.

But take the plunge. Take a leap of faith, knowing that this problem could come to an end very soon, knowing that you can ejaculate normally during sex.

This is your birthright. This is what you can achieve with the help of the treatment program on my website.

Overcome Delayed Ejaculation Using The   Powerful, Proven Techniques Of Professional Sex  Therapists 

You might be wondering how I can be so confident about this. Well, the fact is, over the last 14 years I’ve helped hundreds of men to enjoy normal sex and experience intense ejaculations during lovemaking.

I’ve done all that using the same techniques you’ll find in the treatment program on my website.

That’s why I’m 100% sure that all men, including you, can enjoy rapid orgasm and easy sexual climax. And you know what? It’s easier than you could ever imagine….

All you need is some commitment and a vision of the kind of lover you want to be.

But what sort of commitment are we talking about?

Well, perhaps three sessions of practice, each 30 minutes long, every week for a couple of months. It’s not much, really, when you consider how much time you currently spend trying to reach the point of ejaculation during intercourse!

And I believe you can do it.

Accepting that there are no quick fixes, accepting that a little effort is needed, the reward of having a normal orgasm with powerful ejaculation can be yours.

How Do You Overcome Slow, Slow, Slow Ejaculations? 

There are many cures touted on the internet, ranging from hypnosis to herbs…. and most of them are completely useless.

Well, my self-help program doesn’t involve hypnosis, although hypnosis can sometimes be useful in learning to relax and get more confidence in sex.

It doesn’t involve herbal potions like yohimbine, because that has a number of unpleasant side-effects that can spoil – well, everything really: raised heart rate, anxiety, sweating, nausea and diarrhea.

No, drugs like this are not the cure. And there aren’t any prescription medications of any kind which will help, either.

Maybe you’ve played with hard-core porn, or you’ve tried another partner. Maybe this made orgasm and ejaculation easier for a while. But what are you trying to do here?

You can’t establish a normal sexual relationship with a single partner in whom you can ejaculate easily, if you’re relying on exciting new thrills or even new partners to get aroused….

The treatment program that I offer on this website helps you overcome difficulties and blocks to achieving normal ejaculation. It’s based on the techniques that a professional sex therapist would use.

These are all about getting back in touch with your body, about increasing sexual sensitivity, and about reducing the level of sexual stimulation you need to reach the point of no return.

And it also deals with the emotional issues and negative emotions that are so wrapped up in both the causes and the effects of delayed ejaculation – for you and your partner.

In fact, my treatment program has a lot of information on how you can avoid the negative effects of these emotions on your sexual performance.

And I explain in detail how you can establish and maintain a highly rewarding, intimate, and worthwhile relationship with your partner, a relationship that supports you and gives you great joy – and does the same for her.

You don’t have to put up with a relationship beset by stress, frustration, emotional tension, or problems of any kind. My program shows you the way to deal with these issues and introduce joy and happiness in their place.

Enjoy Good Sex Now!

Please don’t settle for anything less. It’s your birthright as a man to enjoy sex that is truly fulfilling and gives you pleasure.

It’s your birthright to easily bring your partner to orgasm during sexual pleasure.

None of this has to be a struggle. All of this should be easy. All of this can be easy.

Cure Ejaculation Problems and Enjoy Sex Just As You Wish 

When you try the ideas, tips, techniques and tricks in the program you’ll quickly find that you ejaculate sooner and sooner. 

You’ll soon find you’re feeling more turned on, and you’ll be able to increase your sexual arousal to the point where you can confidently ejaculate on demand.

And with a bit of determination, and the help of powerful techniques that let you choose when to ejaculate during sex, you’ll soon be ejaculating with complete control AND choice over your timing!

That could mean NO delay in ejaculating ever again! 

And above all, you’ll find that you can enjoy intercourse without any sense of desperately trying to reach orgasm. It just comes naturally. Easily. Quickly.

Imagine Your Sex Life Transformed!

Before long, you’ll be able to make love for as long or short a time as you want before you ejaculate.

Imagine how satisfied and pleased your partner will be with your sexual performance.

And imagine how good it will make you feel!

And best of all, you’ll achieve a level of sexual performance far better than most men can ever hope for. Most men ejaculate prematurely – too soon for their partners’ pleasure. This will never happen to you.

In fact, because you’re in control of your ejaculation, you’ll be exactly the kind of lover that women desire.

Techniques To End Ejaculation Problems
Are Described In Detail In The Members’ Area 

There’s no highfalutin’, complex, difficult language on my website. It’s all simple and easy to understand. Every step of the system to end this problem, every detail of how to develop complete ejaculatory control and choice, is set out step-by-step.

And I’m available by email all the time you work through this program if you want support and guidance.

You also get lots of different techniques.

To start with, you get techniques that will allow you to relax & reprogram your thinking so that your anxiety sinks to an all-time low and your sexual self-confidence shoots to an all-time high.

Next you get a whole range of techniques which will increase your sexual arousal and take you rapidly towards the point of no return.

These are complemented by highly effective techniques which allow you to control how quickly or slowly you move towards orgasm and ejaculation.

When you combine these three different aspects of the program into one complete system, sex becomes enjoyable, you develop complete control, and you have freedom of choice about when you ejaculate.

And of course I also describe how to renew your relationship with your partner if it’s suffered because of your ejaculation problems.

All of this is in return for your investment of a small amount of time — about 90 minutes a week for a few weeks.

And of course you can incorporate the program’s exercises into sex with your partner – which will help to build intimacy and reinforce your relationship.

When you read the website, when you listen to the instructions, when you try the exercises for yourself, you’ll find this straightforward, effective, and well-proven program has the power to transform your responses to sexual stimulation so that you truly know what it’s like to enjoy natural sexual pleasure without delayed ejaculation.

Sensational Sex Is Yours For The Taking 

And once you’ve discovered the basics of ejaculatory control, your skills can be further developed. It’s even possible you and your partner may wish to enjoy simultaneous orgasm during intercourse.

Few people these days bother to try and achieve this, but once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never forget it, and it will be something to enjoy for the rest of your life. And you can do it because you have control and choice over your ejaculation. A far cry indeed from delays in your ejaculation!

Control and choice over when you ejaculate. Yes, that’s what allows you to take your partner to the heights of sexual pleasure without any anxiety, without any frustration, and without any doubt of your sexual mastery.

The truth is, when you and your partner are highly aroused, anything is possible during intercourse: you can orgasm first, she can orgasm first, you can orgasm together.

Such control takes sex to a different dimension. And of course you don’t have to become a sexual master! Simply achieving normal ejaculation and orgasm might be more than enough to make sex infinitely more fulfilling.

So? Are you ready to take the plunge? From the feedback I get, this program works than 96% of men who use it. It will work for you. And if it doesn’t, you can have your money back. Can’t say fairer than that!

My Money Back Guarantee Means No Risk 

And even if you have some doubts, you can still go ahead in complete confidence. With my no-quibble money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Here’s the deal: if you genuinely try the program with commitment for three months, and you decide it doesn’t work, then you can have a 100% refund via PayPal – no questions asked. All you have to do is email me and I’ll see to it at once.

Two Amazing Free Gifts

1) A Free Photo Guide To Over 100 Exciting Sex Positions!

Sure, sex isn’t just about finding loads of new positions – but you can have a lot of fun trying them! With the confidence that comes from knowing you have complete ejaculatory control, you can move to another level: playing, delighting in discovering how you and your partner can enjoy sex more and more.

I commissioned this photographic guide to sex positions especially for this program. With explicit, tasteful and high-quality photographs, you can enhance your sexual repertoire so you become a true master of lovemaking.

2) A Guide To Achieving Simultaneous Male And Female Orgasm

This free guide will help you and your partner “come together” every time you choose, achieving the absolute heights of sexual pleasure. All included free with your membership!

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  • enjoy simple and advanced sexual techniques, with a multitude of ways to pleasure your partner.

This will transform your sex life – and it will change the way your partner sees you, and how much she appreciates you.

And if you want guidance or help I am available to answer your questions by email at any time – get me on 

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And so, how would it feel to enjoy easy orgasm and ejaculation during sex, knowing that….

  • you have complete control over your climax
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  • you’ve overcome your delayed ejaculation problems – once and for all!
  • you can ejaculate whenever you wish during sex?

Here’s the link that will enable you to do all that – and more!

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In writing this program, I owe many thanks to Michael Perelman PhD.

This product is based on the work of internationally renowned sex therapist Michael A Perelman, PhD and others who have elaborated meaningfully on his original concepts. Dr Perelman has many professional manuscripts in print (many are of course copyrighted). A list of some of these articles/chapters are included below for your reference.

Dr Perelman provided professional society presentations on the subject prior to 1994, and first published on the concept of “idiosyncratic masturbation” as a relevant factor in the etiology of DE in 1994: Perelman, MA “Masturbation Revisited.” Contemporary Urology, Volume 6, Number 11, November 1994

and later in 2005: Perelman M. “Idiosyncratic Masturbation Patterns: A Key Unexplored Variable in the Treatment of Retarded Ejaculation by the Practicing Urologist.” Journal of Urology, 2005;173(4)supp:340.

Dr Perelman was also the first to identity the role of PDE5 Inhibitors as a potential factor which would lead to an increase in DE prevalence in: Perelman, MA. Letter to the Editor: “Regarding ejaculation: delayed and otherwise. ”Journal of Andrology, Volume 24, No. 4. July/August 2003:496.

How the various etiologies that result in DE could nonetheless be understood and treated successfully was described in: Perelman, MA. “Retarded Ejaculation. ”In Current Sexual Health Reports 2004 [Ed: Mulhall, J.]. Current Science, Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2004:1:3.

The entire oeuvre was reviewed and presented to an larger international audience in: Perelman, MA, Rowland DL. “Retarded Ejaculation.” World Journal of Urology,2006; 24(6): 645-52.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine asked Dr Perelman to summarize this approach for their membership in: Perelman, MA. “Understanding and treating retarded ejaculation: a sex therapist’s perspective,” ISSM Newsbulletin 27, December, 2008: 17-20.

There have been numerous other publications on this topic up until this day (an abridged list is shown below) and as recently as 2021, the American Psychiatric Association again, as they had done for DSM5, requested Dr Perelman draft their discussion on DE for DSM5-TR.

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Discover the secrets to overcoming your difficulty with ejaculation!